Jerk of the Day!

I read this article today and I must say that this is a clear example of how educated people can still be fucking idiots. How did this guy get a job title of high importance is beyond my comprehension. There is really nothing else I can say about it. Kaya has since complained that his remarks were taken out of context by reporters. That may be somewhat true (maybe), but I don’t think so. I think he is easily the “Jerk of the Day” in my book (or BLOG).

I have a few friends that have autistic children and this made me think about them today and how offensive this all may sound. The guy is an idiot!!

Here is the article:


According to Fehmi Kaya, head of the Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children in Turkey, autistic children lack the part of the brain that instills faith.

Faith in God is what Fehmi Kaya is referring to, of course, since faith in humanity, your friends, family and parents doesn’t really count as “faith”. The Turkish head of the  Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children stated:

“Autistic children do not know believing in God because they do not have a section of faith in their brains. That is why they don’t know how to pray, how to believe in God. It is needed to create awareness in these children through methods of therapy.”

Kaya then added that autistic children should undergo treatment to create the areas of faith that their brain lacks. The infallible idea comes from research that links atheism and autistic children. Kaya even claimed that researchers in the US and Canada say that atheism is a different form of autism.