April 2013

Dedicated to Boston…

“It’s sad that our children will never feel the safety we felt when we were kids” – Tom Brokow This quote resonated in my mind last night when I was watching the news about the tragedy in Boston. It’s such a simple but true statement. We can’t take our children to a sporting event, a […]

April 16, 2013   Sports, Stories

RIP Bubba…you will be missed!

Today is a sad day for the Estigarribia household. Abby lost her pet Betta fish Bubba today. He was over 4 years old (taking into account that when we got him he was almost a year old). Which in Betta fish land is a pretty good lifespan for a fish that is in a 1 […]

April 12, 2013   Inspire, Stories

Lets get the kids outside to play!

A few weeks ago I posted “Educating our children…don’t take away their creativity”  The weather got a bit nicer this week and my daughter was outside playing with her friends. It was nice to see them outside and it reminded me of the post I had about creativity and the role outdoor plays in providing […]

April 7, 2013   Family